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Jack Jensen Development Company, LLC., has been in the construction business since 1973 and in the community development business since 1992, working on the local, national, and international fronts, sometimes simultaneously! We’re a “Soup to Nuts,” organization—we plan communities and organizations, and then we build communities and organizations, and we also build buildings. Do you need State-of-the Art training in community planning, business planning, project planning, or project implementation? Jack teaches regularly at national conferences, and has written curriculum currently used at the national level by several of the most noted Community Development intermediaries: NeighborWorks® America, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, HUD, among others. We do direct technical assistance with organizations, facilitating their community, business planning, analyzing and perhaps revamping their organizations, applying for funding, and developing their real estate.

Both an active consultant and active practitioner, Jack founded and is executive director of Community Building Works! Inc., 501 (c) (3) non-profit housing organization, which builds both locally and internationally, and is developing his own green subdivision as we speak.

Community Building Works!
Farm Pond Circle

Architects cannot teach nature anything.”—Mark Twain, 1874

A lot of architecture firms have glossy websites that feature a lot of florid language about “dramatic space, flooded with natural light, materials and textures, blah, blah, blah.” I couldn’t stand to write one of those self-congratulatory promos, so I won’t. I will write what our principles are, and tell you, as straight as I can, what you can expect from us,and what you can’t. Read about our guiding principles:
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Jack Jensen


About Jack

Jack Jensen, a Cornell-trained designer and Chicago Carpenter’s Union-trained builder is also a former Cornell Civic Fellow, author, curriculum developer, consultant, and trainer as well as a designer, developer, and builder of sustainable affordable solar-powered super-insulated housing. He has certifications as a Master Carpenter, Master Mason, and Master Builder as well. He built his first solar home in Tompkins County in 1978 and his first super-insulated home in 1979.

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